Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Beginning of Gold Blogging (TSM Buying)

Okay, so today I will start gold blogging. I changed the layout of the page to better accommodate this. Read some more detail on the video after the jump.

     Now here is my first video and it covers the basic aspects of selling with TradeSkill Master. The video is pretty sloppy but if you have any advice on how to make these videos please send me a message or leave a comment.Most importantly, how to record your voice and the game at the same time

   Groups is a thing that was introduced to me at least in auctionator. With groups there are many options that you can choose from but the most important are your Threshold and your Fallback. Threshold is how low you want to post your auctions before you wouldn't want to anymore. In the video I have my Darkmoon Card Threshold set to 1000g. Keen viewers would of noticed that Six of Stones was Scanned but not posted. This is because the lowest auction that is set up is ~600g, since it is that low TSM will not post that item in the batch post. Next is your Fall-back, in the video I believe that none of my auctions did go to my fallback but here is where this post comes in. Let's say that there are no auctions up for Glyph of Charge and I wanted to post one but TSM would not know what to set the price because there would be nobody to undercut. The Fallback is the price that TSM will post when there are no other glyphs of the same.

   Mistakes in the video:
    Okay, so first off, apparently inscription scans will also scan for herbs, but my point of showing you that was not necessary at all, origionally I planned on doing buying and selling together but then I realized that I was running low on storage.
Any other things that need further explanation about this vid I'll edit them in


  1. Do the core professions still make the most money?

    Had multiple 80's in WOTLK and my miner/skinner always made the most for me. Haven't played the new xpac yet, and may be coming back. Kind of curious...

  2. Well, right now they are making money due to the expansion being new and the gear from them being good, right now crafted 359 (wrath equivalent would be 213) gear is around 15-20k gold and darkmoon decks are up there also. Also farming is still good for making money due to each stack of herbs being 70g+, not sure about ore since I don't deal with that, but should.