Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Undermine Journal 101

        So now that The Undermine Journal is back up we can have fun again, or for the first-timers out there to start using it. Amazingly I never got to use it for my personal benefit before it went down (My Server's faction isn't fun).  But now that every US server is included there should little excuses to use this whenever needed.
        With The Undermine Journal (hereby referred to as TUJ) you can search the AH on your realm for market data about an item.  Now how might someone do this you might ask? Well, with the glory of fancy web languages and databases (PHP and MySQL for those that are wondering) it is easy as 1, 2, 3. Well maybe more steps than that.

   1.    First off you need to actually go to The Undermine Journal's website. Now that is done you will see a long list of realms and each of those separated by the Alliance, Horde, and Neutral Auction Houses.

    2.  Now that you have clicked on your factions-realms Auction House you get to this screen with different sections of Text.  This is what I would call TUJ's version of a blogroll, since each one of those are different blogs. But on the top right side there is a search field.  Now here is the fun part, search any item you want ; however, don't try randomly enchanted greens, the ones with "of the bear" or "of the whale" suffixes.

  3. ???

  4. Now you will see All of the market data on the item you searched. Next Post I will discuss What all this info means

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